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Foods of Liberty

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We didn't know it at the time, but in 2008 Foods of Liberty began to take shape.  A love for good, healthy food and good friends began a series of events that created an entrepreneurial seed.  This same encouragement has caused the seed to grow putting the products now manufactured and marketed by Foods of Liberty on tables and in cabinets not only in the USA, but now in central Europe as well.

Beginning in various career arenas, the founders’ didn't start out with a dream to create good foods, but that is exactly what has happened.  And requests for products and increasing sales continue to be our good fortune.

Over the last several months our focus has continued to be to create, then re-create processes that produce consistant and expected results.  We have succeeded in all our efforts.  And you are the benefactor of our hard work and extensive effort.  The products we produce are intended for everyone with a flair for something new and tasty.  We perform taste tests and modifications based on those tests' results.  We then repeat testing.  All this before you (the consumer) see it to try it or to buy it.

Headquartered in Liberty, Missouri, it is the overall intent of Foods of Liberty to provide unique, natural, flavorful, healthy, gourmet food and snack products to our customers. With three product lines, and several varieties within each line, there will be something to appeal to nearly anyone who eats.

With two major interstates intersecting within a few miles of our facility transportation and distribution of our product is easily coordinated. We have a favorable relationship with the largest national LTL freight carrier, headquartered just down the road, to handle our wholesale distribution. For our individual consumers we send priority United States Postal Service daily to anywhere in the country, including military installations.

We recognize our customer base varies by product. Wheaters is a whole wheat snack, using the natural whole grain, that appeals to the health conscious snacker looking for a munchie to munch out of the ordinary. Garlicious is a gourmet topping which attracts the discerning garlic loving cook or dinner host. Q-sauces are unique blends of bar-b-que sauce enjoyed by everyone, because good bar-b-que knows no bounds.

When you see our name on the package you know you are getting something good.  It is something every member of your family will enjoy.    We even give you the opportunity to see and share ideas with others who enjoy our products.  Here, on this website, you can send a comment, a suggestion, or even a recipe.    You can also look over what others have suggested and get ideas from them on additional uses for yourself or family and friends.

With the recent completion of a new and larger production facility even more of the foods people have come to enjoy can make its way to the counter. We chose an underground location to build the new facility.

If you are interested we have included this link to a milestones page depicting a little chronology of our efforts and our progress in this endeavor.

Foods of Liberty 
600 W. Linden Ave 
Independence, Missouri  64050 USA

Phone # (816) 916-3450

Hours of operation:
Monday – Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm

Voicemail is available for after hours or lunchtime calls.

Closed on nationally recognized holidays.

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