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You have entered home to award winning, internationally famous...
And, now...
2011 Entrepreneur Of The Year

Please take the time to look at this honorable presentation with the link below. 
The presentation was at the 2012 Independence Missouri Economic Development Annual Awards Meeting

We have included it with our most notable milestones. (click here)

"Wheaters and Freaters and Triple Trails... 

Best Snackin' Around!

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Wheaters product page

New stores added 1/21/12

Whole Grain, Natural
Nut and Dried Fruit...
And All In One Bag!

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Triple Trails product page

New stores added 1/21/12

When Wheat Won't Do 

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Freaters product page

New stores added 1/21/12

Pork or Chicken,
it's worth finger lickin!

Coming soon!!!!

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Q-sauce product page

We are excited to be able to announce Foods of Liberty products have been accepted into its first national chain.  Our products may now be purchased in
Whole Foods Market, a very popular and prominent natural foods store. 

As an intergral part of our 'Grow Awareness' marketing iniative we are constantly finding new ways and places to get the word out about the health benefits, nutritional value, multiple uses and great taste of our all-natural product lines.

Take a moment to look at the new milestone link below showing our presence at
the 2012 Missouri Governors Conference

We have added it to some of our more notable milestones in write and picture form. (click here)

Check out what people are saying and telling us about what we produce! (click here)
... Here are a few from the many entries ...
"First of all let me say WOW, that's a lot of flavor for such a little thing! I was not only shocked and surprised at the amount of kick Wheaters have but how good they were as well. Thank you so much for giving the world a snack that is good and good for you. As for your warning label on the back that reads "Wheaters are addictive" you are 100% right! Thanks again and keep making this amazing product."

                                           A. D., Mission, KS

"Took them out of the grocery bag on the way home and they were gone by the time we got there.  I had to come back the next day to have some for the salad I was thinking about using them on. These things are really good."


J.S., Quincy, IL

"Bought some of your Wheaters at Bounce House at Zona Rosa yesterday.  Took them to a ladies event to have friends try them... we all love them.  You need to come to St. Joe to market them, Yummy!!!"


S.W., St. Joseph, MO

With thanks and appreciation, we have recently added company contact and product information links to some highly respected corporate and organizational URL's.  View them by clicking here or the 'Our Affiliations' link from the left side navigation bar.

Visit us on Facebook to see more information about upcoming demonstrations and events.  Something noteworthy from more than one of these demos has been the comments made by in-store nutritionists and dietitions.  They indicated they could begin recommending Wheaters as an acceptable snack alternative for their diabetic customers.     

When you see "Foods of Liberty" on the package you know you are getting something special. We even give you the opportunity to see and share ideas with others who use our products. Using the 'Share With Us' link on the left, you can send a comment, a suggestion, or even a recipe. You can also look over what others have suggested and get ideas from them on additional uses for yourself or family and friends.


... Remember the holidays are over, but
customer and employee appreciation
can happen all the year long.

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