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  Simply put...
Makes everything better.


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The Story of Garlicious

In a land far, far away, and in a house in that land and in a kitchen in that house lived and worked a set of profoundly wise and moderately attractive cooks. These were not ordinary cooks, to say the least, but rather cooks of the rarest breed. None better were to be found in all the land (nor in nearby lands for that matter!). Contests were not executed nor dreamed in effort to replace these special cooks. No, not in all their days. 

One beautifully satisfying afternoon Mr. Cook said to his eternal companion, Mrs. Cook, “I have some time and these three garlic cloves. I think I will make us a treat!” Mrs. Cook, on this same beautifully satisfying afternoon replied with a question. “With garlic?”, she asked quite puzzled. 
Mr. cook said with outward confidence and inward self-assurance, “This will be no ordinary treat! This will be delicious to the taste. It will be healthy to life. It will be sensual to the nose and very pleasing to the eyes. It will be a wonderful addition to almost any dish.”
Mrs. Cook said to Mr. cook, “Well… Just do that magic that you do and show me what you’ve got!”
Mr. Cook set out that very day with a mixture of extraordinary oils and rare spices and these three fresh garlic cloves to create something special for his mate. When the day was over and the sun set low on the horizon on that now more than before beautifully satisfying afternoon, there was found in the air of the entire neighbor of the hood an aroma so pleasing that it simply called with an alluring melody to all human taste buds. The uncontrolled instinctive response of all in the surrounding land was to seek out the source of this mystery. To find it for himself meant true and complete satisfaction would be theirs.
Mrs. Cook, well pleased with this new creation, began sharing first with family, then with friends. The family began adding requests for great quantities of this indulgence to their annual gift list. Friends continued with requests for more and more of it. The quantities demanded were ever increasing. Until Mrs. Cook, family and friends came at one time to Mr. Cook and said with love in their hearts, “Mr. Cook, this is so good a treat that we feel you should make it available to all mankind. To allow them to taste of the magic you have herein created. That through it man may be blessed with better health, a happier countenance, and the same breath we have.”

To this end Mr. Cook set his feet to such a journey.  He has prepared not only an original recipe, but one as spicy as Mrs. Cook can be.  Armed with this and a few other family and friend recipes, Foods of Liberty has come to be.

The proper naming of such a succulent treat as this would be of the utmost importance.  Names of every kind, shape and length began to flow forth from the mouths of many.  It seemed that nothing was good enough for what lay before them.  It was grueling, to say the least.  The hours turned into days and the days into weeks... then it happened.  One day, in a quiet moment, in a quiet place, during a quiet meal in that house in that land did the youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cook spew, with a sobering quiet grace, "This stuff is just Garlicious."  

Alas!  Amidst laughter and joy a name fitting to perfection was placed upon the creation.  Unto this day, having been served on at least two continents, the name, like the treat, sticks to the taste buds and rolls across the tongue with style and beauty of all who partake.

Original Garlicious
Spicy Garlicious


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