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2011 - Missouri State Fair   Sedalia, MO

Our involvment in the Missouri State Fair came again with only two weeks notice here as well.  On a visit to the Missouri Department of Agriculture in Jefferson City it was suggested we might want to contact the Mo-Ag (Missouri Aggriculture) group.  Within about 12 hours we had another contact mention the same thing, Mo-Ag.  A phone conversation initiated by us resulted in our joining the Mo-Ag group.

The call resulted in a very helpful person, Karen Green, providing us with several pieces of information, including an invitation to participate in the fair.  She indicated they will have a store inside the Agriculture Building and that there would be shelf space provided for our product.  The demo space was well situated within their store space and opening day was HIGH traffic.   

Over the day and a half we were able to be there to demo we felt like it was a very worth while event to be a part of.  We were able to distribute some 2,500 samples of our various flavors of Wheaters, Triple Trails and even the new and not yet available 'Freaters'. It was quite successful, even considering the short notice for involvment.  We were sure sorry to have the storm blow thru on the last Friday of the fair mostly because of the damage to property, but also because we were going to return for another day of demo and sampling.  Not getting to be there was a dissapointment, but an understandable one considering the extent of the damage.

Here, as in the previous two large events, we administered the 'Win-A-Bag-O Wheaters' door-prize sign-up.  The winner was drawn by myself a few weeks later (because we forgot to have it done there!).  Our president and CEO, Terry Irick pulled the card from the stack of entries, after shuffelling and cutting some twenty times, providing Bonnie Fisher with a large burlap bag (with the Wheaters logo imprinted on it) filled with various sized and flavored bags of Wheaters, Freaters and Triple Trails.  Thanks to all who stopped by our booth and to the many of you who bought and continue to buy our products.

Here are a few of the pictures we took from our 16 hours of participation.

Getting there on Thursday afternoon we were able to set up and get started right away.

Having no previous experience with this venue and/or outdoor presenting it was going to be shooting from the hip. We shot a half-court jumper and swished it!

The first day was so busy that we didn't take the time to even think about photos. But the second day we had some backup and support help come in from different parts of the country. So we chose him to pose for a "Here's what the booth looks like with a human in it" shot.

Then the people came...

And they came...so many came that there wasn't time or opportunity to address them all. It was a great day to be with family in such as a great setting with such a well received product.


And on the second day... we begin again dressed in white. The crowd and interest was the same both days. The pictures taken on the second day were much the same as on the previous day.

At the end of the show we had a fellow vendor, Kelly, draw from the kettle the winning card for the 'Win-A-Bag-O Wheaters'. Bonnie Fischer from Camdenton, Missouri, so far as Foods of Liberty is concerned, you are a winner.     And This is what she won...

A logo burlap Wheaters bag filled with assorted flavor and sized bags of Wheaters, Freaters and Triple Trails.  Yet another prize to be envied!!!

We will do this again!!!!
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