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2011 - Teva Mountain Games   Vail, Colorado

Our involvment in the Teva Mountain Games came with only two weeks notice here as well, and on the literal heels of the 2011 Sweets and Snacks Expo in Chicago (only four days between).  One of us at FOL received an email from eMountain News, which we share around the office.   In it was a blurb about the games taking place and a write up was found when we clicked their link in the article.  A picture on the subsequently rendered page showed a view, much like the ones we personally saw from our booth, of a hugh crowd and product vendor tents lining some street in a town called Vail, Colorado.

We phoned the contact number and was able to speak to a sales person named Nick.  When asked if these tents in the picture represented vendors showing their products he indicated they were.  We then discussed the overall event and the demographics of the attendees, both spectator and participant, we agreed this was a place to introduce Wheaters.  The write-up in the email indicated there were between 40-50,000 people expected to be present over the three-day event.  Nick had to check to see if there was a slot open for someone new.  He returned a call in a few minutes indicating a slot had been made available for Wheaters to be included. 

The rest is history.  It was stated that there had been nearly a 60,000 spectator/participant attendance.  We were able to distribute some 5,000 samples of our various flavors of Wheaters. It was quite successful, even considering the short notice for involvment.

Here, as in Chicago, we administered the 'Win-A-Bag-O Wheaters' door-prize sign-up.  The winner was drawn by Kelly from the booth next door.  She pulled the card from the kettle providing Miss Trish Ross with a large burlap bag (with the Wheaters logo imprinted on it) filled with various sized and flavored bags of Wheaters.

Here are a few of the pictures we took from the three-day participation.

Getting there on Thursday afternoon this was all the further we were able to set up until the next morning where we would have from 7:00 AM until 10:00 AM to finish the booth preparation.

Having no previous experience with this venue and/or outdoor presenting it was going to be shooting from the hip. We shot a half-court jumper and swished it!

The first day was so busy that we didn't take the time to even think about photos. But the second day we had some backup and support help come in from different parts of the country. So we chose him to pose for a "Here's what the booth looks like with a human in it" shot.

Then the people came...

And they came...so many came that there wasn't time or opportunity to address them all. It was a great day to be with family in such as a great setting with such a well received product.


And on the third day... we begin again dressed in white. The crowd and interest was the same all three days. The pictures taken on the third day were much the same as on the previous day.

At the end of the show we had a fellow vendor, Kelly, draw from the kettle the winning card for the 'Win-A-Bag-O Wheaters'. Trish Ross, from Eagle, Colorado, so far as Foods of Liberty is concerned, you are a winner.

  And This is what she won...

A logo burlap Wheaters bag filled with assorted flavor and sized bags of Wheaters.  Yet another prize to be envied!!!
We will do this again!!!!
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