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Press Release: March 15, 2012

All of that and we are having to close our doors. Today marks the beginning of the end. The economy has caused the once open doors to become heavier to open with companies adding additional hoops and conditions to their already sometimes endless entry consideration process. With fuel costs threatening to rise even more we have had to take a very long and hard look at our overall situation. Doing so we have determined the near future will be more than we can bare at this time. We are leaving the door open, however, to resuming operations at a future time when the several key factors appear to be more favorable.

We want to especially thank Hy-Vee for their generous welcoming of a new product and a small business. Your model and execution of it is stellar. Likewise, we want to thank all of you, 'the most wise of all consumers ever' for supporting our efforts by buying our products and telling your friends. By this you have become our friends.

May God continue to bless you individually and bless America collectively. More importantly, may we strive as individuals and, therefore, as a country to be more worthy of His blessings.  

For now... we thank you.

Terry Irick



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