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The new more healthy, whole-whole grain wheat snack food that has been enjoyed around the world. 

Organic Wheat - Human Food - All Natural - Vegan

  Whole Grain, Natural Nut and Dried Fruit.


When Wheat Won't Do!! (Freaters is Wheaters gluten free cousin!)

Organic Milo - Human Food - All Natural - Vegan

      The all natural barbeque sauce made especially for pork and chicken.


Wheaters tm
      Best Snackin' Around!

Wheaters is a great source of Omega3, Protein, Fiber and Robust Flavor.

And contains:  No Trans Fat,  No MSG and No Cholesterol.

Crunchy, nutritional, flavorful, healthy, convenient and all natural.

... made for snackin', but is used widely as a salad topping! (Who knew!)

Check out the new stores who have wisely made Wheaters a part of their selection.   Available In Stores

Wheaters is a product from the Old West.   Hard Wheat is good for many purposes, including making delicious breads and meal.  In our case, it is perfect as a whole grain snack.  Combining fiber, protein, flavor and convenience Wheaters is a perfect snack.  Several flavors to choose from with new ones being added on a semi-regular basis.

Wheaters offers a change from the mundane and typical snack food. Reaching the masses through various marketing and distribution approaches we know Wheaters is being seen. Wheaters is being loved.

The ‘Single’ (2.6 oz) package is just right for the lunch bag or box. It is also perfect for vending machine distribution.

The ‘Snacker’ (6 oz) package is also very good for vending machines, but lends itself more to the variety and convenience store sale.

Our ‘Grabber’ (16 oz) bag can co-exist with the variety and convenience store counter space along with the full fledged grocery store placement.

Wheaters: Not commercially available at this time.

Cinnamon & Sugar
Wheaters: Not commercially available at this time.

Wheaters: Not commercially available at this time.

Sea Salt
Wheaters: Not commercially available at this time.

Wheaters: Not commercially available at this time.

Triple Trails tm 
When your travels down the trail needs the good stuff.

Triple Trails Trail Mix is not just a good mix, IT'S EXCITING TO EAT! It's packed with natural anti-oxidents and protein. The combination of ingredients makes it the most flavor-filled memorable trail mix available. Once you try it you'll want to include it with each trip and each outdoor activity you venture out on.

Triple Trails
Trail Mix: Not commercially available at this time.

Garlicious tm 
  Simply put...
Makes everything better.

Garlicious is our signature line for the gourmet in all of us. It is the result of cooking and sautéing fresh “garlic” and defining 'delicious.' Garlicious is for those who want their meals to be something a little more memorable. It appeals first to any who love garlic. Then, to those who want to either make an impression or simply want a better tasting meal. Great on and in salads, pastas, meats, baked potatoes… nearly anything and everything but dessert, even that could be proven wrong.

Garlicious is the blend of garlic cloves, oils, spices and a series of aromatic cooking processes designed to lure you into trying it on everything... maybe even desserts!  My favorite is the sipcy.  The spicy version can be more spice (hot) than some enjoy.  That is why the original version has stayed around.  Go to the 
Garlicious  page and read the story.  Really, it happened just that way!
Original Garlicious Not commercially available at this time.
Spicy Garlicious Not commercially available at this time.

Q-sauces tm 
Whether it's Pork or Chicken,
it's worth finger lickin'!

(Q-sauces are not yet available on-line)
Q-sauces has been one of our favorites now for some 10-15 years.  When family members ask for it as a top item on their Christmas list, you know it's right. Bar-b-queing has been and continues to be the predominate Spring/Summer/Fall tradition of the region here in the Mid-West.  These tried and tested blends are sure to step your cookouts up a notch... or three!

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