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How People Are Eating
During our product demonstrations, through emails and submissions from this webpage we are listening and learning more about the versatility of Wheaters through you, our loyal, valued and important customer.   From those conversations and communications we are developing new products and usage materials.  Thanks for sharing.

Use the Share A Recipe submission page to let us know how you like to eat Wheaters!

Wheaters For Breakfast:

Wheaters In Yogurt We are hearing from more of you who mix Cinnamon & Sugar Wheaters with your yogurt.  Many have remarked the additional flavor and the difference the crunch makes to the cup of breakfast.

Wheaters in Oatmeal On a couple of outings we heard from mostly men who will put the Cinnamon & Sugar Wheaters on their morning oatmeal.  It isn't clear whether they sprinkle them whole or if they take the time to crush them a little finer.  Either way, men are having them their way for breakfast.

Wheaters For Lunch:

Wheaters In Salads So many returning customers are telling us how much they 'LOVE' Wheaters on their garden salads.  It sounds to be evenly enjoyed with Ranch, Garlic and Set Salt Wheaters.  Wheaters is a good replacement or even a companion to the cruton for crunch, but is better in the flavor category.  Besides Wheaters is All Natural!
Note: Several institutions are putting Wheaters out with their other toppings on their salad bar.  What a great idea!

Wheaters On Baked Potato Wheaters on your baked potato seems to be catching on at several tables.  We have been told that Ranch, Garlic or Sea Salt Wheaters are good on them.  Add them along with your other favorite potato toppings and let us know what you think.

Wheaters In The Lunch Bag Many mom's concerned about their family eating healthier are including them in the lunch bags they prepare for each member of their family.

Wheaters At The Desk What a satisfying afternoon snack at the office.  Our 'Vendor' bag is the perfect size for that afternoon craving.  We received a request for our bags to come with a way to lock them down to the desk or the cubicle to keep them from walking away with co-workers.

Wheaters In The Console With the convenient resealable bag Wheaters has safely made many, many trips of variing distances and terrains.  We know of flights, of cruises, of train commutes and certainly of automobile where Wheaters has traveled.  The only complaint was that they didn't take a big enough bag of them!

Wheaters In The Gym Bag After a workout, or practice, a bag of Wheaters fills the void with protein and fiber and great flavor.

Wheaters For Dinner:

Wheaters In Casseroles The first casserole we heard about was a favorite, Tuna, Noodle and Cheese casserole.  One recipe calls for the dish to be removed from the oven about 5 minutes before it is complete to add the cheese over the top and return to the oven for the last 5 minutes to melt the cheese.  In addition to adding the cheese this cook first laid down a layer of Garlic Wheaters then returned it ot the oven.  She says it was wonderful in both flavor and in creating a new dish variation.

Wheaters On Brisket We were at a catered banquet where one of the main meats serverd was a barbequed brisket.  We had taken along a couple of our 'Big Bags' (1 lb.) one each Garlic and Sea Salt Wheaters to put by the garden salad on the serving table.  At our table a couple of the women sat down and had Wheaters spread up and down their servings of the thinly sliced brisket.  I asked if they knew if they had tried that before and knew that it would be good.  They both replied, almost in stereo, "Well yes.  You haven't tried it?"  Not until then.  I went back to the serving table just for that... and sure enough, it was really good.  The Garlic Wheaters added a flavor and a crunchy dimension to the already delicious slices of beef.  Who'da knowed it!

Wheaters On/In Roast A couple of women told us they have added the Garlic and the Sea Salt Wheaters to their roast recipes.  It sounded like they waited until the last 30 minutes of baking to add them.

Wheaters on Fish One woman in Illinois told us she crushed some of the Sea Salt Wheaters and baked them on her fish filet the night before and it was delicious!  She said Wheaters added flavor and a new consistancy to a routine dish.  What a great use for a healthy treat.

Wheaters At Family Night:

Adding a healthy, fun snack to your planned family activity is always a good idea.  There is little in our lives as important as what we do with our family.  Add Wheaters to your next Family Night and add to the experience.  And let us know how it went for you.

Wheaters In The Outdoors:

This is how we first invisioned Wheaters being used... As a healthier snacking alternative for those on the go.

Cycling The convenience of our 'Single' bag size and the packaging design makes it perfect for cycling.  Right size and the right amount of a good high fiber, high protein snack to replenish what you use.  The resealable bag keeps out the rain, the dust and keeps it from spilling in your cycle pouch.

Hiking The 'Grabber' bag size is most appropriate for a hiking back pack.  It is six ounces of good flavor and great snacking.  Right size and the right amount of a good high fiber, high protein snack to replenish what you use.  The resealable bag keeps out the rain, the dust and keeps it from spilling in your pack.

Boating The size of the bag depends on how big of boat you have! (And how many guests you have along!) But the package design helps here as well with the protection agains water and spilling.

Camping Sitting around the fire or playing games or listening to music is a perfect setting for Wheaters.  What you can't hear is these bags of Wheaters are calling out 'TAKE ME, TAKE ME'.  But you will say that you were glad you did.

Skiing Whether cross country or downhill, the snack is right for the task.  The 'Single' or the 'Grabber' bag will do the trick.  Right size and the right amount of a good high fiber, high protein snack to replenish what you use.  The resealable bag keeps out the rain, the dust and keeps it from spilling in your cycle pouch.

Fishing Did somebody say FISHING?... Just take me, I'll bring the Wheaters.

Spectating Wheaters are not a complicated snack.  We were sitting at a ball game one summer as a spectator when a teenaged sister to a player was offered some sunflower seeds in the shell.  She respectfully declined the offer and stated they were too complicated to eat.  Wheaters are not complicated to eat.

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