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"These things are great.  You oght'ta market them." 

V. C-S., Grandview, Mo.  (OK, we will!)

"These were the perfect treat for all six of my special needs classes.  Rarely does every student in every class eat all of the treat I bring in.  Today they all did!  Every single one of them.  Even the one who hardly ever eats it.  Thank You!" 

D.S., Chillicothe, Mo.


Hi Wheaters,
Stephanie Z. commented on Foods of Liberty, Inc.'s status.
Stephanie wrote: "Thats awesome! Way to go Wheaters and Independence School District!"

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The Facebook Team

Hi Wheaters Man,
Brian G. commented on your status.
Brian wrote: "Got to love those WHEATERS!!!!!!!"

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"These things are addictive."

Several, several returning customers

Foods Of Liberty... I think with the wonderful weather that we had on Sunday, the turn-out was a little
lower than expected....aproximately 150-175 people. 
We did raise several thousand for the
American Heart Association, so overall a success!

We set up a snack table at the back of the auditorium where the girls were on stage, and anyone
could pick up bottled water, banana chips, raisins, and of course the Wheaters....the snacks were in
2 oz cups (1/2 to 3/4 full).  At the end of the show, just about EVERYONE in the audience came back
to get another cup of Wheaters for the road...they loved them.  Most had never seen or heard of
Wheaters, and of course asked....we let them know that they were a product from here in Liberty,
donated by Foods of Liberty, and that they can be purchased at the Price Chopper on Ash and
the New Hyvee...they all were glad to have local outlets. 

Everyone mentioned how darn addicting they are and they would be purchasing more. The fiber
content was a perfect segway into needing more fiber for a heart-healthy diet...great choice!
Thanks again.....and by the way...we were on KMBC news last night for the benefit...hope you saw it!

M.B., Liberty, MO


"Took them out of the grocery bag on the way home and they were gone by the time we got there.  I had to come back the next day to have some for the salad I was thinking about using them on. These things are really good."

J.S., Quincy, IL

Hi Wheater Man,
Terry K. commented on your status.
Terry wrote: "You've got to get them in St. Joe so I don't have to drive 40 miles to get them!!"

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"I am in Mission, KS.  Where around there can we get these?"

A.R., Mission, KS

"Hey, Man.  Like do you got any o'these in like Honey Mustard?  Man that would really be great."

G.M., Liberty, MO

"Added some Wheaters to an otherwise boring off-brand yogurt. Wow!
Now it's  delicious, crunchy and even more healthy!!"

B.Z., Liberty, MO

Terry , I sure was surprised to see you today at HyVee in Quincy. 
It was great just to talk to you . Your web site is impressive and we will look
for other products next time HyVee is our destination.  We try to go there
once a month.  Best of luck, it is always good to see
former students do well and use their ideas to create something like you
have successively done.

J.B., Hannibal, MO 
(One of my former HS teachers... a good man and a good teacher!)



Hi Terry. I live in Liberty. Have tried your product - Wheaters. Very good. Good luck. 

- Christine D.

Hi Wheater Man,
Sherri W. commented on your status.
Sherri wrote: "Bought some of your Wheaters at Bounce House at Zona Rosa Yesterday.  Took them to a ladies event to have friends try them... we all love them.  You need to come to St. Joe to market them, Yummy!!!"

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Hi. I tried your snack in Kirksville and it is awesome! 
I am hoping you are going to start selling them in Columbia at the Hy-Vees
so I can get them more regularly.  Are you extending out here?

D.F., Columbia, MO
(Our email exchange follows)

D.,  Thanks for the note!  Which Hy-Vee is closest to you?  Foods of Liberty, Inc.
Broadway Hy-Vee.    D.F.
D., Very good.  I will be contacting them in the next week or so.  Thanks again.  Foods of Liberty, Inc.
Thank you and cannot wait.  Was kinda disappointed when they never heard of it.  
Please send me an email letting me know when they are available there.
You got it!    Foods of Liberty, Inc.

(End of exchange)

Do we still get Wheaters here in KV? (Yes)
They were gone for while.   I'll have to check it out,
(they were moved from produce to the Health Market)
I hope at least one of the new bag sizes is large. (try One Pound!)
Devoted Wheater!!!
K.A., Kirksville, MO

Amanda D. posted on Foods of Liberty, Inc.'s Wall.
Amanda wrote: "First of all let me say WOW, that's a lot of flavor for such a little thing! I was not only shocked and surprised at the amount of kick Wheaters have but how good they were as well. Thank you so much for giving the world a snack that is good and good for you. As for your warning label on the back that reads "Wheaters are addictive" you are 100% right! Thanks again and keep making this amazing product."

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