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2011 - Sweets and Snacks Exop  McCormic Center  Chicago, Illinois

Our involvment in the Sweets and Snacks Exop came with only two weeks notice.  This show is a venue to showcase your products and your company to buyers of snacks and confectionary products from all over the world.  It was our priveledge to be invited to attend.  However, the lateness of the invitation came late enough so as to not allow our company or our offeriings to make it into any publication of vendors, or an appended listing.  This is a must for future events. 

Wheaters was a hit!  Most of those who came to our booth said we were 'the new' and 'the different' at this years event.  We made some very worthwhile contacts here.  We foresee many great and long lasting relationships coming from this show,

This event was publicized to have some 14-15,000 attendees.  The criteria for attendance was to be either a buyer, a broker, or a distributor of these types of products.  The position of our booth was not as well positioned as some, but better than others.  We were probably seen by our estimates by some 2,000, or so, attendees.   Those who we were able to speak with showed great interest.

Here is where we introduced the 'Win-A-Bag-O Wheaters' door-prize.  Throughout the show passers-by are able to drop their business card or fill out a specifically designed entry card and drop it in the kettle for a chance to win.   The winner is drawn by an impartial person selected from another booth or staff member. 

The winner was drawn by Gordon from the booth across the isle.  He pulled the card from the kettle providing Miss Jennifer, from Smuckers with a large burlap bag (with the Wheaters logo imprinted on it) filled with various sized and flavored bags of Wheaters.

Here are a few of the pictures we took from our three-day participation.

Getting there on Sunday afternoon allowed us the time necessary to fully set up. This was the first time we have set up the booth for an actual show.   Prior to this was just the test set back at the office.  The actual setup time, we learned later, wasn't until Monday afternoon.

Having no previous experience with this venue, or any venue for that matter, presenting was going to be natural and we would be going with what we knew to be right. Honest and direct.

The team has been established, trained and is ready for action.

Here is a picture of how we fit in with the other vendors around us. We did alright for a first run.

Then the people came...

And they came...so many came that there was little time or opportunity to take breaks. It was a very good day to be where we were for the purpose we were. The product was so well received.


And on the third day... we begin again apron attired. The interest was the same all three days. However, the crowd was quite deminished by the third day. There were few pictures taken on the third day. At the end of the show we had a fellow vendor, Kenneth McDonald of Glico, draw from the kettle the winning card for the 'Win-A-Bag-O Wheaters'. Jennifer Russell, from Lexington, Kentucky, so far as Foods of Liberty is concerned, you are a winner.

  And this is what she won.

   A logo burlap Wheaters bag filled with assorted flavor and sized bags of Wheaters.  A prize to be envied!!!

We are evaluating whether we will do this show again.
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