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Tell us what you want!
Don't hold anything back.
Give it to us, let us have it!

We want to know what we are doing right.  What we are doing wrong.  Too spicey, not enough flavor... whatever.  The label too dull, too bright, bag too big, not big enough... whatever.  Not that we will actually do what is suggested, but we most definately will read it and consider it.  Then, if it merits, the next opportunity we will make the adjustment.  Then, we will give you the credit.

So, let us have it!

If you would please enter your contact information in case we have a question, that would be helpful.  (Read our privacy statement below.)

Please provide the name of the store along with as much address and other contact information as you can gather.  We will take it from there.  Thanks for taking the time to inform us. 

Then click the 'SUBMIT' button: 
Enter your comments:
 It is great that you have taken the time to provide your input. 
You really are why we are here.
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